Miles Sampa Promises Free Wifi – But Who Will Pay For It?


The PF candidate for Lusaka Mayor, Miles Sampa, has unveiled some ambitious plans for transforming the city if election.

Launching his 100 day plan today he stated that the first thing he would do is improve communication between the Council and Lusaka residents but developing a call centre.

“The way the police have a call centre, that’s how the council will operate to carter for inquiries 24/7. It shall be a fully fledged and operational call centre.”

Secondly, he promised to de-congest Lusaka’s roads, and thirdly he promised free Wifi for all bus stops, train stations, airports and public places.

“When one arrives in Zambia at the airport, there will be free Wi-Fi and one can immediately log in to ones preferred services. Similarly, when one goes to Intercity, there will be free Wi-Fi, so that when one is travelling, and one is delayed, it should be possible to log in to free Internet and inform one’s relatives of the predicament. There will also be free Wi-Fi at the council premises and many other public places,” he said.

Laudable ambitions, but also extraordinarily expensive ones, Mr Sampa did not mention today how he planned to fund such developments.

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