Nkanda Luo Once AgainDenies Claims that Withcraft Courses Are On Offer

Minister of Higher Education Nkandu Luo has revealed that the intangible Cultural heritage degree programme which will be offered at the University of Zambia will not include any witchcraft programme.

Prof. Luo said the Intangible cultural heritage is a programme whose development and implementation will be funded by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) at a total cost of USD340, 000.

The Minister said the objective of the programme is to ensure that the country documents and reserves its intangible heritage.

Professor Luo said this when she rendered a ministerial statement in parliament this week.

She explained that the support was secured through a competitive process where the University of Zambia submitted a project proposal and were awarded the project.

Professor Luo noted that two countries succeeded in their bid for the financial support of which the other country is Uganda.

She stated that the project is aimed at developing and implementing a degree programme at UNZA on the documentation and preservation of intangible heritage.

The Higher Education Minister added that Zambia is a nation rich in cultural heritage which include among others the ‘gule wa mukulu and makish dance’ which were inscribed on the UNESCO safeguarding list in 2006.

She further explained that the cultural heritage needs to be safeguarded and protected for future generations.

The Minister stated that to interpret the rich cultural heritage as witchcraft is both misleading and unfortunate.

She said it is an exhibition of a severe lack of understanding and appreciation of the country’s history and culture at the highest level.

Professor Luo disclosed that witchcraft is a crime in Zambia as outlined in Chapter 90 of the laws of Zambia therefore it is unthinkable for UNESCO , a law abiding and international institution and UNZA to engage and support criminal activities of witchcraft.


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