MMD Chastise Mining Ministers Response To Tragedy


MMD National Secretrary Rapheal Nakacinda has labelled Minister for Mines Richard Musukwa’s behaviour following the deaths of 10 youths at Black Mountain as childish.

Musukwa described to parliament on Thursday that the 10 Kitwe youths who died at the Black Mountain were scavengers and illegal people who invaded the slag dump. He continued to infer that it was their own fault and that he would be taking no responsibility for the tragic incident.

Whilst appearing on Friday’s edition of radio Phoenix’s Let the People Talk Program Nakacinda said said Musukwa should reflect on his statement as it is insensitive and lacks the calibre of a cabinet minister.

He noted that the situation needs to be dealt with in a sober manner as no one deserves to die prematurely regardless of their status in society.

“He is my friend, but am saying this painfully ,that his response was childish and petty for a cabinet minister. He should have thought about it and dealt with it in a sober manner. Whether scavenger or whatever, there is no body that deserves to die. Any life of a Zambian is precious and therefore all those in government need to be real. He still had recourse and more time to give a statement.”



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