Peter Sinkamba Pleads with PF To Stop Hippo Culling


President of the Green Party Peter Sinkamba has called on Catholics worldwide to condemn in the strongest terms the PF government’s decision to let South Africans safari companies kill 2000 hippos following false allegations of an anthrax outbreak and overpopulation. Sinkamba has said culling of wildlife is not an option but a primitive conservation strategy which is driven by greed by a few people in Government.

“I am a Catholic. Our Pope, I mean Pope Francis has repeatedly reminded us that destroying the environment is a sin. The proposed culling of 2000 hippos by the PF Government is utterly destruction of environmental resources. It is not only a primitive wildlife conservation strategy but a sin as well,” Mr. Sinkamba said.

“I am hereby appealing to Archbishop Alick Banda, and all catholic priest countrywide to join in and stop this sin which is about to be committed by the PF Government. It will be an extreme act of irresponsibility by the Catholic Church in Zambia to turn a blind eye to the well-known sin which is about to be committed by the PF Government. Actually, it will not only be betrayal of the Pope but a sin as well,” he said.

“In any case, Luangwa Valley is not the only Game Park in Zambia. We have about 20 National Game Parks and over 30 game reserves. In fact, most, if not all the parks require restocking. A serious environmentally-conscious government would have opted for relocation than culling. We must take a leaf from the Republics of Kenya and Tanzania that relocate their animals when conditions dictate,” Mr. Sinkamba said.


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