Jiled Former UPND Member Launches Savage Verbal Attack

Former UPND party member Edward Mumbi has charged that the party is the most heartless, unremorseful and irrational political party in Zambia that equally lacks morals.

Mr Mumbi went on to warn the people against voting for a party that undermined the plight of women and children.

Mr Mumbi was reacting to the UPND sentiments towards incarcerated Keith Mukata’s family that the party did not have conditions of service compelling it to take care of wives of its former parliamentarians.

Mr Mumbi reiterated that the statement by UPND was careless, irresponsible and proof that the party was heartless.

Mr Mumbi charged that the pronouncement by UPND should be a clear message to women that supporting the party was suicidal and a risk to their own marriages.

Mr Mumbi also challenged UPND leader, Hakainde Hichilema to disassociate himself from the statement issued by his subordinates if he was a true leader.

“If it is true that statement is coming from Charles Kakoma, I challenge HH to disassociate himself from it if he is not the one who sent him,” he said.

Meanwhile, Mr Mumbi said that Mr Hichilema should have known that the adoption of Charmaine Musonda as the UPND candidate for the Chilanga by- election was a double edged sword.

He pointed out that the adoption of Ms Musonda, who was the ex-concubine to Mr Mukata and was with him at the time he shoot dead his guard, Namakambwa Kalilakwenda would hurt the Mukata family and also the family of the deceased. He charged that any reasonable grouping could not have adopted a person who almost destroyed the marriage of one of its senior members.

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