Zambia Could Legalise Marijuana

Minister of Health Chitalu Chilufya has announced Government’s intention to put into consideration the legalisation of Marijuana for Medicinal Purposes.

Briefing the Press at Ndeke House last evening, the Minister stated that Government had been receiving unsolicited proposals for licences to cultivate Marijuana for Medicinal use.

“We have received unsolicited proposals for licences for cultivating Marijuana for Medicinal Purposes. Our position as Government remains consistent. Like I presented in Parliament. Government will only consider issuance of such licences for Medicinal use, there being evidence and assurance that there is an encrypted process from cultivation to the point were the product is being used for Medicinal Purposes without triggering any spike in the recreational use of Marijuana,” he said.

He stated that there had been an emerging body of evidence with regards the use of Medicinal Marijuana.

“We have Countries that have legalized Medicinal Marijuana. Zambia ponders this use of Medicinal Marijuana based on the conditions that I stipulated in my Ministerial statement.” He said .

The Minister of Health revealed that to this effect, a multi-sectoral team had been constituted that would go as far as undertaking study tours in jurisdictions where protected processes from the land to the lab to the Facility, where Medicinal Marijuana was being utilised, was done.

“The Multi-sectoral team shall inform the steps to take . Our position remains the same. That illegal utilisation of Marijuana will not be condoned. DEC and Zambia Police will continue to Police and mate out appropriate punishment to anyone who uses Marijuana illegally.” he said .

He stated that of importance was to note that the laws had not changed and that the multi-sectoral body would study what was happening in other jurisdictions and in line with what was stated in the provisional of the broad statement in Parliament, processes would be looked at that were encrypted from the farm to the point of utilization,” he said.

“To this effect, all the proposals we have received will pend what will be informed by our multi-sectoral team and any emerging evidence, ” said the Minister in conclusion.

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