State House Maintains Lungu's New Mansion Won't Cost Zambians A Penny


State House says the proposed construction of President Edgar Lungu’s mansion in eSwatini will not cost Zambians any single Kwacha, and that the president has not spent a single cent or Zambian ngwee to purchase land in eSwatini much less build a house in the kingdom.

Open Zambia still has considerable doubts over this. State House has yet to give a feasible explanation for Lungu's significant wealth increase during his time in office - which cannot be accounted for by his state salary.

Mr Chanda told a media briefing at State House today that the matter involving the land is a private exchange between two heads of state and informed the nation that President Lungu was given a parcel of land as a private gift by the King of eSwatini a less valuable gift compared to the heads of cattle the king also gave to President Lungu.

Countering claims made about the cost Mr Chanda said that figures circulating online are 'fake news' as no construction plan has be formally agreed yet.  

Open Zambia