Worry about people’s problems, not HH, Banda advises Lungu

SINDA District UPND chairperson James Banda alias Cisinsi has urged President Edgar Lungu to concentrate on problems people face than worrying about Hakainde Hichilema.

In interview, Banda said it was unfortunate that the PF had blocked the UPND from distributing relief food to people in Eastern Province.

He said the unfortunate thing about PF governance was that it was ready to let the people die for them to maintain their political positions.

“We were blocked, our president [Hichilema] was blocked from going to distribute food to the affected families here in Eastern Province. Why? The PF government are scared of their own shadows,” Banda said. “We are not in the politicking period, we are in a helping season, to every person, be it UPND, PF, MMD as long they are in this nation and they are affected. People deserve help but our friends think that can destroy their political mileage. If they think so then they have to deliver to the people.”

Banda said blocking the UPND’s helping hand had left many people disappointed.

“On this issue, we leave it in the hands and minds of the people. We are leaving the needful approach by HH to the people to Zambians to judge who was wrong,” Banda said.

He said President Lungu should address the problems people were facing and not to preoccupy himself with Hichilema.

“Edgar is in government so he must convince the people that he is a good leader, he has to assure the people about his duty and if he does not then 2021 will see him pack his luggage out of leadership,” Banda said.

He bemoaned the poor agriculture system under PF government where farmers were not redeeming their inputs because agro-dealers had not received money from government.

Banda reminded President Lungu that everyone would be affected with the PF’s poor agricultural system.

“Its result won’t spare anyone be it PF, UPND, MMD but Zambia will face terrible hunger soon or later,” said Banda. “I repeat elections are in 2021 but why are they afraid of UPND now? The more they fear UPND, the more they mess up things.”

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