Nyambanza Residents Petition Sale Of Ancestral Land


Nyambanza residents have been petitioning against the sale of 36,000 of their ancestral land in Zambezi District. Plans are underway by Chief Mpidi to sell the historic land to Meanwood Agricultural Company Ltd, which has caused great upset.

Residents have begged senior Chief Inshindi to reject the proposed sale on their behalf, arguing that the 36,000 hectares is their customary land, which falls under the jurisdiction of sub-chief Nyambanza and Chizozu, not Chief Mpidi who has sold it.

Princess Lane Kankinda said in a letter to Senior Chief Ishindi that the affected community considered the move as a hostile maneuver meant to disregard the relevance of, not only people in the area, but two sub chiefs, whom they said are custodians of the land in question.


Meanwood Agricultural Company ltd have refused to comment on the matter.

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