Sampa Justifies Bill Stunt

Lusaka Mayor Miles Sampa has confirmed that he declined to pay the K700 at the Roan Sable on 27th October 2018.

Featuring on the Hot FM’s Breakfast Show, Sampa said that he refused to pay in protest of the poor service at the uptown restaurant.

Sampa said that had requested that they pack his food as he had an urgent engagement but the waiter disappeared for over 20 minutes.

The mayor said that he would still the pay the bill with interest.

He said that Zambians should always demand excellent service whenever they were paying for something.

The Lusaka Mayor said he was a regular at The Roan and Sable Café and had been back there after the incident that had cast him in yet another scandalous shed of light.

Sampa’s act has received mixed reactions with others out rightly condemning him while others have praised him for his stunt.

“The Manager/ Owner, The service has gone down so much + one has to be beg to be offered a service! I will only pay this bill after a month+ if your service improves. The Mayor”.

Source: Zambia Reports

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