One month since her death 'Vespers’ killers will never face the law' says Ng’uni

PF crookedness is worsening day-by-day and will soon burst, says UPND Southern Province secretary Winnerson N’guni. And N’guni says it is becoming apparently clear that the killers of UNZA fourth year student Vespers Shimuzhila will never face the wrath of the law under the PF leadership. Meanwhile, N’guni says until the killers of Shimuzhila are brought to book will her soul rest in peace and her parents find closure.

In an interview, N’guni said the PF leadership led by President Edgar Lungu does not care about the wellbeing of Zambians.

“Zambians must begin to show that they are getting fed up with the PF crookedness; this crookedness must come to an end. With each day that passes, the PF crookedness is worsening and will soon burst,” N’guni said.

He said it was disturbing to hear the PF leadership blaming the UNZA riots on UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema. N’guni said unless Zambians and civil society organisations speak out loudly, the PF leadership shall continue stealing.

“Zambians are choked by the huge debts and the high levels of corruption being perpetrated by the PF leadership…the PF leaders, especially their party president Edgar Lungu, should know that

leadership is about serving the poor masses. Power is meant to protect the citizens of the country and not kill them like they did to Vespers. Power of the State is about truth, honesty and integrity and not power to hide post-mortem results of a poor young girl,” he said.

“The State through the Minister of Home Affairs has kept quiet over what caused Vespers’ death and are now sitting on her autopsy results. The same tactics of tear-gassing the UNZA students was used when HH and others were arrested. This must come to an end,” N’guni said.

He said the PF government must release the autopsy results of Vespers so that the people who caused her death could face the law.

“However, with what is happening, I don’t see the post-mortem results being released. I see no one being arrested for Vespers’ death. But we as UPND would like to warn the PF and the police that murder is never cleared by hiding the causes of death as these will one day surface and the people responsible will have to face the nation in courts of law. Only then and until this is done will Vespers rest in peace and her parents find closure,” added N’guni.

Source: The Mast

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