Reopening of NRDC excites students umbrella motherbody

THE Zambia National Students Union (ZANASU), an umbrella body of students Unions in Zambia, has welcomed the decision by Government and the National Resources Development College (NRDC) to reopen the College this Wednesday and has since called on students and Management to always pursue dialogue in resolving problems that lead to demonstrations and premature closure of institutions of higher learning.

ZANASU Information and Publicity Secretary, Assa Williey, has commended the Ministries of Agriculture, Higher Education and NRDC Management for reaching a decision, which she says, has been made in the best interest of students as indefinite closure of NRDC can have adverse impact on student progression and the reputation of the institution.

“In the last few days, ZANASU had been working in the background with students at NRDC and visited the institution to persuade management to reopen the institution and we thank NRDC students for remaining calm and focused,” stated Ms. Williey.

ZANASU has, however, reminded authorities that closure of institutions of higher learning when problems arise does not resolve core problems that gives rise to discontent among students but has called for students and authorities to always engage each other in honest dialogue to resolve problems before they escalate into unnecessary demonstrations.

ZANASU has further stated that they are aware that Zambia Institute for Business and Information Technology College (ZIBSIP) in Kitwe has also remained closed and have called for intervention by government to have the college reopen.

Ms. Williey has reiterated that ZANASU remains resolute in its call for recognition and strengthening of students’ unions as a vehicle in which authorities and management can have an equal platform to dialogue.

“The existence and respect for Students’ Unions in institutions of higher learning must be encouraged and viewed as platform for which authorities can effectively engage students in redressing problems that affect them,” she said.

ZANASU has since called on Government to expedite the process of allowing activities of students’ unions in other institutions of higher learning such as Copperbelt University, Chalimbana University, Nkrumah University, among other public institutions that are rum without student leadership.

Source: Lusaka Times

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