All is not well in PF – Chilubanama Politicians don’t like to be criticised, they like to have their egos pampered

Lusaka Province PF chairman aspirant Emmanuel Chilubanama says he would be living in a fool’s paradise if he said all was well in the party. In an interview, Chilubanama said politicians dislike to be criticised and told the truth. He said this had caused lack of effective dialogue and communication in the ruling PF thereby breeding disunity and misunderstandings.
“Politicians don’t like to be criticised, they like to have their egos pampered and I have been through that, but I am now taking a different route,” Chilubanama said.

He said his biggest desire was to end the divisions, infighting, and violence that had crept in the ruling party and restore peace, unity, love and reconciliation.
“So a lot has been done to ensure that unity is fostered in the party but I feel and think more needs to be done so that love, peace and unity is fostered in the party further,” Chilubanama said.
“I would be living in a fool’s paradise if I say all is well in the PF.”
He said it was unfortunate that PF members should resort to confronting each other physically when they all belonged to one family of the PF under the leadership of President Edgar Lungu.

Chilubanama said PF members should concentrate their energies on ending poverty in the party and in the nation instead of fighting each other.
Also in contest for the Lusaka Province chairmanship are Kennedy Kamba, Geoffrey Chumbwe, and Charles Chimumbwa.
Chilubanama said he did not agree with people who considered his aspirations to contest the position as demotion after serving as State House permanent secretary because politics was about service to the people and that no political position was too small.
The former presidential aide said he was the best candidate for the party’s Lusaka top job because he was a tested entrepreneur who would bring his skills to the province.
Chilubanama said he would deal with the increasing poverty levels among party membership in the province.
The 47-year-old also responded to insinuations from party members that he does not qualify to contest the position saying it was politicking from his opponents.
“First and foremost, I am PF through and through, okay. Very very PF. My blood is PF. I speak PF. That is one first qualification. If there’s another parameter or gauge used to gauge my qualification, I am sure that we will be addressed when the time comes. They are just politicking,” Chilubanama said.

He said he had been a member of the PF since its inception in 2001 so he was eligible to contest the position.

Source: The Mast

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