Citizens Movement plan reporting Mwamba to SA police for organising thugs against protestors

The Citizens Movement Zambia has said it will report Zambia’s High Commissioner to South Africa Emmanuel Mwamba for allegedly organising thugs to disrupt planned protests against government at the mission in Pretoria.

In audio recordings which have gone viral, High Commissioner Mwamba is heard telling the cadres what they must do to ensure the protests do not go ahead.

It is alleged that 250,000 rand has been pumped into the exercise.

But Citizens Movement secretary Clifford Nsama, who is the organiser of the protests, has said High Commissioner Mwamba would on thursday be reported to the South African Police services as well as the Department of International Relations after consultation with lawyers are completed.

“Mr Mwamba through leaked audios was taped briefing hired Zambian thugs, mostly who are in that country illegally to cause violence on Friday during the planned protest that will take place in that country. Zambian citizens living in SA concerned with the high levels of corruption and police brutality as well as the government’s abuse of the public order act which empowers the police to restrict movement and gatherings are planning to host a peaceful march to the embassy which is located in Arcadia in Pretoria on Friday. Mr Mwamba was recorded dishing out money to thugs at the meeting held at the Embassy buildings on Monday morning,” said Nsama who has also condemned the actions of High Commissioner Mwamba as lacking diplomacy and respect for the host country. “It very irresponsible and regrettable of Mr Mwamba to plan to disrupt and cause violence at a peaceful protest which the organisers have obtained a police permit for. Mr Mwamba is not only violating the laws of the host country by engaging in criminal activities but he is also violating his diplomatic oath.His actions are very regrettable for a person holding the office of High commissioner said Mr Nsama.It is for that reason that we will submit these audios to the police for investigations and report him to the South African Police service as well as to the Department of international relations after we finnsh consultations with our lawyers,Mr Nsama further stated.”

He further urged all Zambians and friends of Zambia “to come in huge numbers to highlight the deteriorating break down of the rule of law and condemn the high levels of corruption in Zambia”.

“If Mr Mwamba goes ahead with his criminal plan, he will be met with maximum force; he may desist from such lawless actions,” said Nsama.

Source: The Mast

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