Chilufya Tayali Reports HH to Police as Key Suspect behind UNZA Riots

Economic and Equity Party Leader Chilufya Tayali has reported UPND Leader Hakainde Hichilema to Lusaka Central Police Station as a key suspect behind the riot at the University of Zambia which saw the death of a 4th year Education Student Verspers Shimuzhila who died on October 4 after suffocating following the tear gas which was fire by the Zambia Police officers

According to Mr Tayali, Police who have already opened a docket to establish the cause of death for the late Ms Shimuzhila and the culprits behind the riots have also taken down his statement on allegations that Mr Hichilema is the alleged sponsor of the UNZA riots.

As a complainant, the EEP Leader wants
the UPND Leader Mr Hichilema to be arrested for allegedly inciting violence at the Highest learning Institution.

Mr Tayali’s complaint comes barely few days after he was summoned by the Lusaka Magistrates Court to answer to a complaint of publishing defamatory statements against UPND Leader Hakainde ..

This follows a complaint for for criminal libel which was filed by Mr Hichilema at Woodlands Police Station on October 9 in which Mr Tayali is expected to appear before court on Wednesday October 17 to answer to this charge.

Meanwhile, Mr Tayali says he is ready to meet Mr Hichilema in Court.

When Contacted for a comment, UPND Spokesperson Charles Kakoma has has advised Mr Tayali to just prepare himself to go to court on Wednesday and answer to his charges and lay his evidence on the table.

Mr Kakoma has described Mr Tayali’s move as a waste of time and resources for going to the police to report on a similar natter that he was already reported on by the UPND Leader.

Police could not be reached for a comment as mobile phones went unanswered.

Source: Lusaka Times

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