WHO Extremely Concerned Over Congo Ebola Threat


 The World Health Organisation has warned that the current Ebola outbreak in the Northeast of the country could escalate fast if attacks by armed militants continue. The situation would be even worsened by community resistance against WHO officials.


Head of WHO’s emergency response Peter Salama told a conference in Geneva that the organisation are extremely concerned that several factors may be coming together to create ‘the person storm.’


So far 100 people have died out of 150 cases in North Kivu and Ituri.


WHO have been working in the area but recently an attack killed 21 in the city of Beni where they are based and due to a mourning period all WHO work has been suspended.


There is an increasing number of locals who refuse to accept Ebola vaccinations leading to an increase in new cases. Some even fleeing to the forest to escape treatment t and checks thus spreading the disease further. It is worth noting WHO have been criticised before for their lack of understanding local cultures when trying to roll out vaccination and treatment campaigns.


Uganda is now facing an imminent threat, and if WHO have to leave North Kivu due to increased violence and poor governmental support there would be a serious risk of a repeat of West Africa.

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