Ndola soldier beats up cop at police station

Police in Ndola have arrested and detained a Zambia Army soldier for beating up a police officer who had gone to arrest him. Copperbelt Police commissioner Charity Katanga has identified the soldier as Allan Mwaanga, 28 of Hse Number

116, Targagan Barracks.

She said the police officer was beaten right at Ndola Central Police station.

“We have Assault Occasioning Actual Bodily Harm number 8670/18. Occurred on September 28, 2018 around 23:20 hours at Ndola Central Police Station. Complainant is a Police Officer, Chisowa Mubanga of MU, whose address is House No. 1137 Chinese complex, Ndola, aged 30 years. He reported that he was assaulted by a soldier, Allan Mwaanga aged 28, of Hse No. 116 Targagan Barracks, service No. 103469, Rank: Corporal, Unit: Provost Headquaters,” Katanga said.

“The soldier head-butted the Police Officer twice on the face thereby causing bruises. This happened when the Police Officer wanted to arrest the soldier for misbehaving.”

A docket has been opened against the soldier, police say.

Source: The Mast

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