Rupiah Banda In Denial Over Zambian Economy


The extent of Zambia’s debt has been up in the air for months now, with economists around the world suggesting that it is far great than the PF government have let on. Estimates now put Zambia’s debt at $15.95 billion.


However former President Rupiah Banda has been commenting publicly bemoaning these figures, stating that it is unfortunately people are ‘lying’ about the state of Zambia’s economy.


Speaking in South Africa the former MMD Statesman he said that rumours Zambia is losing state-owned enterprises and other national assets due to debt are factually incorrect.


“He has said Zambia’s economy was positive and undergoing a normal economic process. Mr Banda said the lies about Zambia’s economic situation should be brought to an end as they are capable of destroying the country’s image abroad,” first secretary for Press at Zambia’s mission in Pretoria, Naomi Nyawali, has stated.


Indeed, Mr Banda seemed to be as delusional as President Lungu, telling journalists that Zambia was more than capable of paying back its debt and would not default on any loans. And Banda has expressed confidence that President Edgar Lungu has a group of professionals who would help him develop the country.

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