ZNFU Outlines Key Issues Affecting Agriculture in Zambia


The President of the Zambia National Farmers Union has explained to the Minister of Agriculture the key issues that are currently facing the industry in Zambia. These issues included;


1.     The importance of lifting the maize/mealie meal export ban swiftly to enable sales to take place.


2.     The Government must prioritise funding for the agricultural sector so that come market time farmers can be paid on time and inputs can be provided at planting time to ensure the most profitable and successful harvests


3.     There are concerns over the importation of agricultural products at the expense of expanding local production.


4.     The government has failed to use credible data to guide policy decisions for example they declared a surplus then banning grain exports causes significant market conflict.


5.     As a result of these policy inconsistencies many farmers are facing financial distress


6.     The tobacco industry is in crisis and the government must do more to reduce uncertainty.


The ZNFU noted that now dialogue has been opened the Minister for Agriculture and new Permanent Secretary should begin in earnest to find solutions.

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