David Luiz Accuses Burnley of Time Wasting


David Luiz has accused of Burnley being ‘anti-football’ following a heated draw at Stamford Bridge. He also said the referee Kevin Friend had ‘laughed in his face’ and told the defender to ‘shut up.’


Luiz said he did not like to comment on officiating but felt he had to speak out;


"When you see a referee even laugh in your face when you try to speak with him in a respectful way, it is not nice," he said.


"When I was trying to speak with him, he was never looking in my eyes and he was not trying to listen, he just said I don't want to listen to you, shut up and play the game."


Meanwhile Chelsea’s assistant coach Gianfranco Zola said Burnley was time wasting. "Five minutes injury time wasn't enough to compensate,"


When speaking with the UKs BBC he said; "We expected it to be a tough game. We didn't expect so much time-wasting. We expected the referee to give more extra time. That's why we're very unhappy."


Luiz agreed calling their behaviour ‘anti-football’ complaining that they were ‘loosing time all the time,’


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