Davies Mwila Condemns Land Grabbing by PF Officials


In a trend that looks worryingly similar to one perpetuated in our neighbouring country Zimbabwe, PF officials have been increasingly brazen about grabbing land.


PF Secretary General Davies Mwila has taken note and called for an end to the behaviour, noting that party officials must not use the ‘PF’ name to justify taking land from people who legally obtained it.


Just last month, the Mayor of Kitwer Christopher Kangombe was accused of illegally allocating land to himself and selling it on to others at a greatly increased price.


Sources at the council have revealed that the Mayor has been indiscriminately grabbing land from poor people and selling it mainly to foreigners who are Chinese and Zambian of Indian origin.

One source noted;” Right now we have about 15 families that where illegally removed from their land where they have been for over 25 years in Chantete in an area called Wangocha. These people were thrown in the cold by our Mayor who has sold the Land to Chinese, the 15 are currently in Lusaka camping at intercity wanting to meet the Vice President. They were met by the Deputy Secretary to Cabinet Mr Patrick Kangwa who promised to deal with their issue”

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