HH slams the Constitutional amendment move by the PF in Parliament as illegal and unconstitutional

UPND Leader Hakainde Hichilema has called for an immediate stop to the PF’s amendments in parliament that intend to pass the constitutional amendment bill without following the parliamentary procedure. 

Instead of opening a debate in parliament centred around the constitutional amendment bill, the PF has instead presented the actual bill for implementation which does not require a two third majority. HH has described this move as illegal and unconstitutional adding that it must be stopped forthwith. HH stressed that what the PF leaders are trying to do in parliament is completely illegal but typical of the PF dictatorship. 

HH urged that the current proposed amendments of the constitution must stop immediately, as they don’t mean well for the country.  HH added that this is the time for the citizens to stand up in unity of purpose and stop the alleged corrupt Patriotic Front party leaders from continuing to run down the country and turn it into a one party state.

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