Zambians are tired of the endless corruption in the PF government - Msoni

All People Congress Leader Mason Msoni stressed Zambians are tired by the endless corruption that exists in President Edgar Lungu’s government.

Mr. Msoni said that President Lungu’s lack of political will to help tackle corruption and his continued shielding of criminal suspects serving in government, has made the fight against graft extremely difficult for law enforcement officers.

The fight against corruption should not have to be left to law enforcement officers alone. Zambia must eradicate the vices, and Msoni stressed citizens must join the struggle against graft.

Mr. Msoni stressed corruption takes away money meant for the much needed social services, with money ending up in private pockets, rather than the pockets of those in need.

“In essence it is taxpayers money criminals are stealing with impunity and putting in their own pockets for personal use. We also think that the reckless abuse of public funds must now be curtailed by ensuring that those who have made it a habit to abuse public resources are brought to book,” he added.

Mr. Msoni said it is prudent to remind ourselves that as citizens we have the power to effect a citizens arrest or to apprehend any suspect found to be committing crimes against the people of Zambia. He urged citizens to join hands with law enforcement officers and help bring sanity to Zambia, by volunteering to join the struggle against graft.

“We should all frown upon the corrupt and denounce perpetrators in the strongest terms as opposed to hero worshipping criminals and offering them support in droves when escorting them to court”, he added.

Mr. Msoni added that this attitude of giving criminals solidarity is tantamount to glorifying criminality and sending a wrong signal to other criminals still committing crimes in government.

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