Given Lubinda mocks the fake resignation letter in Parliament

Minister of Justice Given Lubinda yesterday mocked a fake resignation letter that was circulated on social media stating that Lucinda had resigned from his Ministerial position.

Parliament resumed on Friday afternoon, with Hon Lubinda raising eyebrows when he was spotted seated at the back bench. This action prompted a point-of order that was raised by Chembe Member of Parliament, Hon Sebastian Kopulande, who wanted the Speaker the House to inform them why Hon. Lubinda was seated at the back bench. The Speaker in his ruling declared that he was quick to implement such a decision especially regarding sitting arrangements.

When the audio of the exchange with the Speaker went viral, it caused more confusion as he seemed to confirm the assertions that Hon. Lubinda had resigned and confirmed that a fake letter circulated on social media, purporting to show his resignation.

Parliament is in Session and Hon Lubinda has since returned to his seat at the Front Bench.

A member of Parliament described the incident.

“When we entered Parliament, Hon. Lubinda said he was going to sit in the backbench to tease those who fabricated that letter about his resignation.”

“When Hon. Kopulande was raising a point of order Hon. Lubinda sat in the backbench, while Hon. Kopulande was on the floor Hon. Lubinda moved and sat next to Hon. Kopulande (still in the backbench).”

“By the time the Speaker was passing his ruling, Hon. Lubinda had moved back to his ministerial seat”

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