President Lungu "commits" to fighting corruption

President Lungu has reiterated his “commitment” to intensifying the fight against corruption in Zambia.

Lungu declared that he has since called on cooperating partners and the donor community to assist government in building capacity by providing training for investigative agencies to make sure that they are equipped with the right skills to ensure they can carry out their duties diligently.

The president explained that contrary to assertions by some sections of society and social media, he does not condone corruption and will support any efforts aimed at curbing the vice. He argued that people are free to report any corrupt activities to relevant investigative wings, regardless of who is involved, in order to ensure that a laid down process of investigating, arresting and prosecution is followed.

President Lungu expressed particular concern that some sections of society and social media have continued to align him to certain corruption cases, even without providing facts or reporting the matter to the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC). He explained that some people continued to drag his name into the alleged corruption of the public service, adding that the procurement process is not done by the state house but is rather done by civil servants.

This conversation took place in Lusaka today between President Lungu and outgoing European Union (EU) Ambassador Alessandro Mariani and his Swedish counterpart Henrick Cederin called on him at State House.

Although fellow diplomats commended Lungu’s “commitment”. The same cannot be said for Zambian’s citizens, who are fed up by the unending corruption of President Lungu’s PF Government. They do not believe anything will change, and there is a general consensus that it will remain this way so long as Lungu and the PF are in power. Therefore such a “commitment” gives little hope to the Zambian community, who have become accustomed to the false promises that have dominated President Lungu’s false presidency. This “commitment” is merely another attempt by him to redeem himself and his image, as he begins to focus on winning support ahead of the next election in 2021.

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