‘We Do Not Condone Homosexuality – It’s a Crime’ Says Minister Sumaili

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The Minister of National Guidance and Religious Affairs has reminded Zambian artists, musician and event organisers to stop condoning or participating in activities that undermine the nations values and principles.



Sumaili noted that performing artists play a significant role in shaping public perceptions and there have been instances of them inviting people with ‘questionable character’ to the country, who ‘undermine morals of the land.’


She made these statements after PR Girls shared with her Ministry their intent to bring a gay choreographer into the country – Somizi Mhlongo


Minister Sumaili noted during the press conference that Zambia does not condone homosexuality and that it remains a crime.


“In Zambia we do not condone gayism and homosexuality and this is a crime …Inviting people with such means we are slowly accepting the vice. We must guard against such foreign influences as they pose a risk of disturbing our social fiber as a Christian nation,” Rev. Sumaili reaffirmed.


She said government shall remain committed in supporting innovation and creativity but will not compromise the countries shared values.

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