Dr M’membe - "ZAMBIA IS ON FIRE!"

The Socialist Party’s 2021 presidential candidate, Dr Fred M’membe has declared “Zambia is on fire” and urged people to liberate themselves.

Dr M’membe said he had offered himself for the leadership of the country because of the suffering and humiliation the Zambian people are enduring. This statement was made on Saturday afternoon during the party’s first ever public rally at Nsansa grounds in Chimwemwe, Kitwe.

“It was like jumping from a frying pan into fire. Now we need to quickly get out of the fire before we are all burnt to ashes. But not jumping into the frying pan again,” he told the cheering people.

“I am here because of your suffering. I am here because of the humiliation you have to endure everyday due to unemployment, poor housing, sanitation, water supply, failing to feed your children and pay their school fees,” he told multitudes of Kitwe residents.

“I am here because of the challenges you are facing in paying medical bills for yourselves and your families. I am here because of the difficulties you are facing to clothe yourselves and your children”.

Dr M’membe stressed the poverty levels on the Copperbelt remained at 30.8 per cent despite it being an industrial centre of the country. 

“Of course, this is not the worst. We have poverty levels of 82.2 per cent in Western Province; 81.1 per cent in Luapula Province; 79.7 per cent in Northern Province; 70 per cent in Eastern Province; 69.3 per cent in Muchinga Province; 66.4 per cent in North-Western Province; 57.6 per cent in Southern Province; 56.2 per cent in Central Province and 20.2 per cent in Lusaka Province,” he said.

He said despite the country waging a liberation struggle for independence, a better and more dignified life had not come, and things were actually getting worse.

“Today our country is the fourth hungriest country in Africa after Chad, the Central African Republic and Madagascar. We are number four in Africa kunsala. If it was soccer we would qualify straight to the semi-finals of the Africa Cup,” he said.

“We are blessed with good soils and plenty water. What do we need from God? Mana! Tayakamoneke mana. Inshiku shakwa Noah tashakabwele”! How can we be number four in Africa kunsala na fyonse ifi Lesa atupela? Tatuletekwa bwino”!

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