Yellow Card Campaigners Urge Zambians Not to be Silent

Organisers of the Yellow Card Campaign have urged Zambians not to be silent but to raise their voices, in order to fight the corruption and all forms of oppression in the country.

Laura Miti, a civil service activist, has said K6.1 billion of Zambia’s money has been stolen, and she wonders why Zambians are keeping so quiet about.

Through corruption, she urged, thousands die in hospitals without medicine while other die from accidents because of undone of poorly maintained roads and infrastructure. It is just not good enough.

In addition to this, thousands are still denied access to decent water and sanitation, while thousands more languish in poverty because they are denied the basic human rights such as education, jobs and business opportunities to improve their lives.

She has reminded Zambians that corrupt politicians were “the biggest criminals of all” because corruption is a weapon of mass destruction and mass poverty.

Miti has urged Zambians to show the PF the #YellowCard today for  denying them their  freedom of expression to hold a peaceful protest which was scheduled to be held yesterday at Arcades Shopping Mall.

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