Zambian Diplomats Have not been paid for 3 months 

National Democratic Congress Consultant Chishimba Kambwili has alleged that Zambian diplomats have gone for three months without pay. 

Mr. Kambwili says the treasury is in red, hence the failure by Government to pay diplomats.

Kambwili said it makes no logic to maintain a bloated diplomatic service when the country has no money to carter for officers in foreign missions. He stated the none payment of salaries is the worst form of cruelty and the best the government can do is to recall its diplomats so as not to subject them to complete embarrassment. 

Kambwili urged the Government to address the load shedding the country is currently experiencing, pleading that the persistent power rationing is affecting trade and commerce. He questioned what has happened to the new projects that the Government started in 2014, that were meant to cushion such energy challenges. 

Finally, Kambwili urged President Lungu to listen to the findings of the Financial Intelligence Centre which has revealed high levels of corruption. He stated it is regrettable that President Lungu is stating that the findings of the report are speculative, adding that it is most likely because President Lungu is afraid to act on the findings as he is one of the culprits mentioned in the trends report. 

Kambwili called for the immediate arrest of all those mentioned within the latest FIC dossier. 

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