Zambia is at crossroads - Ng’uni 

Winnerson Ng’uni, the UPND’s Southern Province Secretary, states that Zambia is at a crossroads and needs credible political leadership in order to be brought back to normality. In an interview, Ng’uni said President Edgar Lungu’s speech during this year’s Labour Day commemoration was a mockery to Zambian workers because the PF had no plans for them, except leaving them worse than they were before. 

“Zambian workers had nothing to celebrate on their May 1st function because some workers have gone for months without getting their salaries. Those who listened to the PF leader will attest that this party has nothing in store for the Zambian workers. He failed to address key issues affecting workers’ welfare. His address failed to give home to workers and then unemployed…Zambia is now at crossroads and needs urgent interventions to bring it to normality.”

“The PF promised Zambian workers more money in their pockets, lower taxes, creation of sustainable and personable jobs. The PF even said that Zambia will be like Heaven on earth. It is heartbreaking that Zambians are now seeing a broke down economy instead of the promised Heaven on earth. We are drowning in US $9 billion debt, high taxes, increased unemployment, high transport costs, high electricity and water tariffs, the health and agricultural sector are dead.”

Ng’uni stressed retirees were living in poverty because they had not been paid their terminal benefits while PF leaders are busy gulping expensive alcohol including aboard presidential jets. “We all know that the lives of the PF leaders including that of President Lungu are lavish and we would like one to deny that there are no expensive assortments of imported brands of alcohol on the presidential plane…Zambia needs a president that will listen and take the plight of the suffering Zambians to heart.” 

He stated “There is no one like Hakainde Hichilema. He is ready to face the many challenges that have been placed on Zambians by the PF. He is ready to make the Zambian workers smile again.”

Ng’uni appealed to Zambians never to make the mistake of voting for the PF in 2021. He also asked Zambians to avoid voting on tribal lines but on quality and visionary leaders. 

“As we approach 2021, I appeal to Zambians not to vote on tribal lines. I appeal to the Zambian workers to wake up and see a brighter horizon or be forever left to wonder in the PF wildness of poverty.” He said he feels “pity to see workers celebrating their May Day in misery and would suggest that if the sufferings continue at the hands of the PF they should then stay at home next year.”

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