Prominent Congolese opposition leader Katumbi returns from exile after three years

Congolese businessman and one time presidential hopeful Moise Katumbi has returned home after three years in political exile. 

Katumbi, who said he feared for his life under the regime of former President Joseph Kabila, arrived back to his hometown of Lubumbashi on Monday. 

Katumbi had been sentenced in absentia to three years in prison on real estate fraud charges he said were politically motivated. At one point he had accused the government of trying to poison him, an allegation it denied.

In April, a court in the capital annulled the prison sentence enabling him to return from exile in Belgium. 

Thousands came to the airport to receive Katumbi. He is a man who creates political excitement. 

He has already admitted “he will register a political party and go around the country selling his agenda.”

Katumbi was barred from taking part in the presidential election to replace Kabila last year. 

Opposition candidate Felix Tshisekedi ultimately won the election, according to official results, and other political exiles have also started to return after Kabila’s departure. 

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