Seven Year Old Chipata Girl Murdered after being Defiled 

A manhunt has been launched by police in the Eastern Province, where a seven year old girl of Chipangali district was strangled to death after being defiled on monday. 

An Eastern Province police commissioner Luckson Sakala confirmed the incident which occurred between 05.00 hours and 08.00 hours. 

Sakala said the mother of the girl Zabeta Banda 38 of Mafuta village in chief Mafuta’s area reported the matter to police. 

“A murder was reported in Chipata through a cell phone call from Zabeta.”

“The child was found bleeding from the mouth, nose, right eye and vagina,” Sakala said. 

The deceased had been left with her siblings at home by their parents who went to the fields. 

She allegedly told her siblings and friends that she was going to join her parents at the fields which was the last time she was seen. 

Her body was later discovered a few metres from where she had left her friends and who informed the elders.

This murder comes just days after it was reported, one child is defiled every 4 hours in Zambia.

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