Lungu Lashes Out at Kalaba Over Corruption Claims


President Lungu has lashed out at Harry Kalaba over claims he knows of deep-rooted corruption within the PF. The President dared former Foreign Affairs Minister to go the ACC with these claims.


Lungu accused Mr Kalaba of trying to tarnish the image of the party, and that he is simply resentful over leaving them. He continued to claim that he has been advising Kalaba on his presidential ambitions and that he had been advising him on the management of his constituency, so was confused as to why Kalaba was now lashing out against the party.


“If Kalaba truly saw corruption in PF, let him go to the ACC and report. It’s not for us to defend ourselves against false corruption allegations. He who alleges must prove,” the President said, before adding that it was common knowledge that thieves always point fingers at others calling them thieves to divert attention from their thieving activities.


The President then urged the People of BAHATI to vote for Charles Chalwe because he had been carefully selected by the party central committee for his hard work and humility.

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