Miles Sampa 'Arrests' Citizen Who Claimed He Refused To Pay For Gas


A social media post from a petrol attendant went viral yesterday after he claimed that the Lusaka Mayor Miles Sampa had left the filling station without paying, claiming he did not have to because he was Mayor.


Mr Sampa did not take to the accusation kindly so instead he went back to the petrol station where the attendant worked and dragged him to the police station, in what he called a ‘citizen’s arrest.’


He took him to the police station on the grounds he had committed ‘criminal defamation.’


“I have had enough of malicious social media abuse on my persona and we will now meet in the Courts of law to all malicious abusers targeted at me,” he said.


Sampa has been a social media happy public personality that once flashed his refusal to pay his bill at Sable Restaurant in Kabulonga for alleged poor service.


Sampa is the latest in a string of PF MPs who have lost their temper with social media critics recently, just last week Amos Chanda blocked two of his critics on Twitter.


Although social media should not be sued to spread false rumours, it is also a space for people to demonstration freedom of expression, something that has become increasingly dangerous in Zambia under President Lungu and the Patriotic Front.

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