HH shaking his party into shape

The recent news of the suspension of GBM as the UPND Vice-President shows HH is listening to the concerns of his party members as he seeks to organise the party into a strong and united opposition. GBM has has been a divisive figure within the UPND ever since being appointed the Vice-President in the last elections, but there can be no denying he was an effective campaigner, providing a street-fighter mentality which understood the threat posed by PF cadres.

“GBM knew the PF system inside out having helped build it. He knew what he was up against, and was able to try to help the UPND navigate the challenges that brought”, claimed one supporter. However the great hope was that GBM was going to be able to help pull in votes in his home province in the North. These votes however failed to materialise in the numbers that they would have hoped for, raising questions within the party over the overall value of GBM and his participation in the party.

He was one who would regularly ruffle feathers, this time it seems the ruffled feathers may have struck back at him and HH, the party leader, has chosen to put party unity first.

Whether he is reinstated or not remains to be seen once we have got more news on what the exact details of the reason for his suspension. Until then however we will watch and see how the party continues to react.

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