Zambian Postal Workers Strike Enters Second Month  

The strike action by Zambia Postal Services Corporation workers has today entered the second month with no signs of them returning to work.



On 18th March, Postal Services workers countrywide downed tools demanding that they be paid their six months’ salary areas.


With most of them evicted from their houses due to failure to pay rentals and others struggling to pay school fees according to Union Leaders, the workers vowed never to resume work until they are paid their salaries.


A check at selected post offices in Lusaka found the Offices locked with a few customers mostly those that have had their goods stuck at the Post Offices hoping for the opposite.

Customers who use Postal Couriers talked to indicated that they have had their merchandise stuck at the Post Office due to the strike action taken by the workers.

And when contacted, a Union Leader who spoke on anonymity for fear of victimization vowed that the workers will not resume work until they are paid their now seven months’ salary arrears.


He said the workers feel insulted after management offered them K500 to go back to work when most of them are owed over K25, 000.


The Union Leader challenged Transport and Communications Minister Brian Mushimba to help them collect the K20 million the company is owed as most of it is owed by Government Ministries.


He said the refusal by government to bailout the company is surprising especially that they are partly the cause of the financial problems.

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