UPND Committed to Abolishing Borehole and Rental Taxes


Leader of the opposition, Hakainde Hichilema has announced that the UPND will immediately undertake a taxation audit when in government, in order to ascertain which taxes are burdensome and unnecessary for citizens. In particular Mr Hichilema criticised both the Borehole and Rental taxes.


The veteran politician was outraged that such a basic right such as access to water was being impeded by taxation.


“We have noted with regret that the bankrupt PF regime wants to continue with their misguided policy of taxing citizens for sinking boreholes. As a matter of fact, we are of the view that such community initiatives by citizens are supposed to be rewarded by tax rebates than punitive measures of taxing them,” Mr Hichilema said.


“Furthermore, how can the PF be implementing such measures with the current drought in some parts of the country amidst unpredictable global weather conditions due to the effects of climate change? The fact is that the PF has no capacity to provide citizens with clean water for our citizens and that’s why many communities are currently sharing dirty and unhealthy water with animals, but when they take it upon themselves to access clean water sources by digging boreholes, they are punished. This is retrogressive and kills community initiatives that are critical in complimenting government efforts in areas they fail to serve citizens,” he said.


Mr Hichilema charged that this is just another scheme by the PF regime to abuse citizens by siphoning hard earned money from them and put in their individual pockets to enrich themselves further.


“When the UPND democratically takes over power in 2021, we shall immediately undertake an audit to ascertain which taxes are burdensome and excessive to our citizens. Borehole and rental taxes will be among those that we shall immediately eliminate. Water is life and a human right,” he said.

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