Human Rights Commission Wades into Prime TV Suspension Debate


The Human Rights Commission has suggested that the Independent Broadcasting Authority should reconsider its decision to suspend the broadcasting license of Prime TV.


They have advised that the broadcaster should be allowed to operate whilst the IBA and Prime TV work to identify and fix any issues.


They have deemed the actions of IBA ‘excessive’ and likely to seriously undermine the growth of the privately-owned television station as well as deprive millions of Zambians their democratic right to access divergent information and views, as is necessary in a democratic state.


The Commission noted that freedom of expression and media freedom are two hugely significant parameters by which you can assess a country’s human rights’ and good governance record. The actions of the IBC under the direction of the PF do not reflect well on Zambia’s reputation.


The Commission has urged the government to look at the broader governance picture for the sake of national interest. In addition they have called upon all stakeholders particularly the ‘media fraternity’ to claim their right to a robust, pluralistic and diverse media industry in Zambia and ‘fearlessly but factually and fairly mirror the diverse socio-economic, cultural and political heritage of the country for sustainable inclusive development.’

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