Fred M’membe Shuts Down Claims He’s Writing for Zambian Observer


Former editor of The Post and Socialist Party Deputy Secretary General Fred M’membe has denied writing articles for the Zambian Observer.


In a statement he has noted that the Zambian Observer published articles in his name which he had in fact not written.


This is just one example of a growing use of ‘Fake News’ in Southern Africa. Dr M’membe aired his concern and labelled the instance ‘strange by worrying,’


He continued; “Until now, I have not complained about the Zambian Observer’s knack for publishing falsehoods under my name. We had hoped their figment of imagination would have an end!” 


Dr M’membe stated that he has not authored the article circulating in the Zambian Observer under the headline: A Must Read: Fred M’membe voices out.”


“We urge the Zambian Observer to observe clearly and report truth. It doesn’t hurt to cultivate news and inform our citizens but please don’t use my name for the sake of your circulation and capital,” stated M’membe.


The news environment in Zambia has become increasingly murky with much of press being run by the government and peddling a worryingly bias agenda, and the other half publishing unverified stories. Zambia is among 47 countries in red on the 2018 World Press Freedom index following the growing hostility towards from political leaders towards journalists.

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