President Lungu now amongst Africa's richest Presidents

As NDC leader Chishimba Kambwili reminded us this week, President Lungu has made so much money for himself and his friend through the most nefarious of contract awards, he has since been able to make himself one of the richest President’s in Africa. Yet this has come at a time when Zambia’s economy has all but collapsed, public debt skyrockets and many Zambians are struggling to supply their families with basic bread and clean water.

Kambwili is correct to to advise President Lungu to stop mocking Zambians over his wealth, saying as long as it cannot be explained, then it is not stolen. Unexplained wealth is stolen wealth.

This wealth was most clearly highlighted when Lungu declared his assets had grown from K2.5m to K23million in under one year of Presidency, without any explanation of how?

Kambwili warned Zambians not to believe the lies being spouted from President Lungu during his campaigns:

“What kind of leadership is this where every time you want to fool the people you go to a by-election. You have a by-election in Luanshya and you come to tell people that ‘no we are going to sort out all your problems after the elections’ as if you are cheating children. How many times have we heard those promises? Every time the election is over, they run away. To be rich in the manner president Lungu has become is criminal,’ said Kambwili.

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