New Flight Routes To Zambia


The decision taken by some airlines to launch or even re-launch routes to Zambia has been welcomed with open arms by the Minister of Tourism and Arts Charles Banda.


“Zambia is a unique destination because it is at the centre sharing borders with eight (8) other countries. The sum total population of these countries is over 600 million with different business ideas and transactions,” the minister said.


Mr Banda says the new flight routes to Lusaka are a sign of increased interest in the country’s tourism and business opportunities. “For example, the re-launch of Botswana Airlines route to Lusaka is due to increased business opportunities, meetings and transactions between the two countries,” he said.


Currently, the tourism industry contributes 3.4 per cent to GDP.


Mr Banda said the re-launch of Zambia Airways has reached an advanced stage: flights are expected to begin in April 2019 in collaboration with Ethiopian Airlines.

This move will reinforce the already existing Kenya Airways, RwandAir, Emirates, Turkish Airlines, Ethiopian Airways and soon to be launched Air Tanzania.

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