Buhari Takes Early Lead


President Buhari has taken an early lead in the Nigerian election – amid allegations of vote manipulation.


He has won 7 of Nigeria’s 36 states so far, with his rival Atiku taking just four states and the capital Abuja.


As results came in, Mr Abubakar's People's Democratic Party (PDP) alleged that there had been irregularities in the vote.

Party chair Uche Secondus called the count "incorrect and unacceptable".


He said there had been an "attempt by the government and other agencies to manipulate the result", but did not give any evidence.


The EU, US and African Union have all expressed concern about delays and logistical problems with voting on Saturday, but no independent observers have suggested fraud.


The finaml results are now not expected until later in the week causing great tension in the West African nation.


The initial vote was postponed early on 16 February, five hours before polls were due to open. Voters were also choosing members of the House of Representatives and Senate.

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