Major Kachingwe Leaves UPND


Major Richard Kachingwe has announced that he will be leaving the UPND.


The split comes after the opposition party alleged that his son, Mpange, had brandished a gun against a UPND cadre during the Sesheke by-election violence.

The Major was former national secretary of the MMD and had been serving as an advisor to Hichilema. He has been calling for the UPND to retract his allegations but as of yet thet haven’t.


During a press conference he stated;


‘The UPND, through its’ Alliance of Opposition Political Parties, has made very strong allegations against my son, Mpange Kachingwe, claiming that he is a member of an imaginary armed militia grouping trained by the Republican President to assassinate opposition political party leaders, and that he is the same person seen in a now viral photo with a pistol in hand allegedly assaulting a UPND cadre.’


Having lost a son during President Chiluba’s time in office, Major Kachingwe announced he was not prepared to lose another son to politics.


The major finished by stating;


‘For me now the UPND and its’ alliance have crossed the red line, HENCEFORTH I HAVE SEVERED MY RELATIONSHIP WITH THEM AS MY STAY IS NOLONGER TENABLE GIVEN THE CIRCUMSTANCES. They have deliberately, over falsehoods, endangered the life of my son and his family including my own, they have tarnished his image with total disregard for common human decency!’


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