Kambwili Defends Reprimanding Indian National – Zambians Need Jobs He Says


A video has gone viral of National Democratic Consultant Chishimba Kambwili reprimanding an Indian National, whom we came across operating a compactor in the Lusaka decongestion project.


In the video he is seen uttering remarks to the Indian National such as ‘Go back to your country,’ and ‘How can you be here when Zambians need jobs.’


Many have branded the outburst as racist and xenophobic. With many asking him to apologise to the Indian Community and the Zambian people.


Mr Kambwili appeared on Hot FM this morning however and stated that he had no reason to apologise. He has insisted that jobs should be given to Zambians first.


“There are high unemployment levels in this country, people have no jobs and you allow people from as far as India to come and operate a Compactor? no bane, mulebako serious”, Mr. Kambwili lamented.


He told the presenter that time and time again he has brought the issue of international workers taking Zambian jobs, to the attention of Parliament but no action is ever taken.

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