LAZ Recommends Minister Chitotela Be Removed from Position  

Following news that Minister for Housing Ronald Chitotela has been charged with corruption, the Law Association of Zambia has advised that the President relieve him of his duties as soon as possible.


The LAZ and many other critics have noted that it does not bode well for the fight against corruption that a Minister be able to retain his post despite being charged with numerous offenses.


There are concerns over whether the prosecution of a sitting Minister can even be effective.


Mr Chitotela was arrested on February 5th on two counts of concealing property that was suspected to be from the proceeds of crime.


Following the arrest and charging of Hon. Chitotela, certain sections of society called for the dismissal of the Minister by the President. However, the President refused to dismiss the Minister and in aid of his decision cited Article 18 of the Republican Constitution, which presumes an accused person innocent until proven guilty by the courts of law.


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