‘Electorates Embraced the Ballot and Rejected Bullets’ Says HH


The leader of the opposition Hakainde Hichilema has publicly thanked the voters in Sesheke for their participation in yesterdays’ by-election. Hichilema also emphasised that Romeo Kango’mbe who is only 34 years old should be an inspiration for young Zambians, and that he hoped it would help them to recognise their leadership potential.


Hichilema said:


“We thank our members and citizens across the country for standing up against the bullets, machetes, teargas and all sorts of offensive weapons that were being used against them in the just ended bye elections in Sesheke,”


“Like we have consistently said, in unity, we can reject the bullets and other offensive weapons and embrace the ballot. And truly, we are seeing the birth of a movement against tyranny and suppression and proving that the ballot is infinitely stronger than the bullet.”


He added, “Ours is a people power driven movement that will result in liberating the country from the yoke of tyranny and replace it with peaceful coexistence that is focused on economic development using our God given resources.”


“We pray for the quick recovery of our citizens currently nursing wounds in hospitals and clinics inflicted by those who have embraced the ugly culture of bullets and heavy weaponry against their own citizens. For our citizens in Sesheke, Western Province, we thank you in a special way as we celebrate the birth of a movement that we are taking across the country. You have truly honoured our departed MP Montopei Frank Kufakwandi (MHSRIEP). Lwitumezi bahesu bakwa Sesheke. Muli bonisize za ngana luli (You have shown the way).”

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