Police Deny Involvement In Sesheke Shootings

The Police Inspector General has denied police involvement in the shooting on Friday in Sesheke and claimed no live ammunition was used.


Kakoma Kanganja has spoken to the media and noted that no life as lost in Friday’s clash, which is a miracle given the carnage that ensued.


Mr Kanganja claimed that;


‘“The Zambia Police Service wishes to state that no live ammunition was fired by our officers that were dispersing the unruly crowd in Sesheke yesterday (Friday),” he said.


However, video footage received by Open Zambia seems to contradict this as do witness statements from UPND supporters themselves.


In response to the violence on Friday Mr Kanganja has advised that troops in the Sesheke area should be reinforced. “I therefore call upon all police officers to ensure that they use proportionate force in ensuring that violence is brought to a stop. The police will institute an inquiry to bring to book all those that could have perpetuated this violence,” he said.


Many are deeply concerned over the police’s actions on Friday and their subsequent denial of the extent of violence. Critics are calling on the government to do more to stop the PF’s blatant misuse of the police force

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