Zesco’s Power Generation Drops to 290 MW

Zesco is only able to produce 290 megawatts of electricity instead of 500 megawatts due to reduced water levels.

Kariba North Bank power Station Manager Edward Simbaya has told a Parliamentary Committee on Energy that toured the facility today that the current water levels are only powering two out of the six power generation machines.

Mr Simbaya explained that this is an effort to maintain electricity generation to power key sectors of economy to avoid the complete shutdown of the electricity plant.

Energy Minister, Matthew Nkhuwa, told Journalists drawn from various media houses that the parliamentary tour is meant to allow members of parliament to have an understanding of the impact of drought experienced the last rainy season on electricity generation at Kariba dam.

The Zambezi River Authority has said Lake Kariba water levels dropped by eight centimeters during the week under review, before closing at 478.08 meters, representing 18 per cent usable storage on  September 23, 2019.

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