Zambians could not be more ready for HH

UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema urges that Zambians are tired of the PF misrule and are now ready for change.

Speaking on Wednesday during a campaign rally in Kaoma which attracted thousands of people, Mr. Hichilema stated that the people are not intimidated by the PF gun culture anymore because their most dangerous weapon is a vote. He said the people of Kaoma are ready to exercise this power on Thursday just like the people of Sesheke, Katuba, and Roan did.

“The PF must remember that a hungry person is an angry person and so they must listen when we advise them to run the country by prioritising public interest and also focus on economic development which they have failed lamentably to carry out due to wanton corruption and theft of public resources,” Mr. Hichilema said.

He added, “Our message to the Nation is simple: unity for development for all, and a wound against one is a wound against all of us, and therefore when attacked by the PF thugs, defend yourselves because it is your constitutional right to do so.”

“We are therefore grateful to the people of Kaoma who are demonstrating that they are well versed in their constitutional rights. Their assurance that on Thursday, they will vote for our candidate Austin Muneku as district Council Chairperson is clearly unequivocal and is a clear affirmation that Zambia is ready for a change of government and no one must mislead themselves that this is the opposite,” he said.

“Most grateful to the multitudes that showed up in Kaoma constituency that came to our rally this afternoon at Kaunda square ground and eventually escorting but most importantly offering security to all of us. To the people of Kaoma and the Nation as a whole, we say Zambia is headed for greater things in the next few months and to do that, we must all galvanize ourselves as foot soldiers of the ballot and vote these thieves out in 2021.”

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