Guy Scott to Release Autobiography


 Titled ‘The Adventures in Zambian Politics’ stalwart politician and former Vice President Guy Scott has penned his first autobiography. The news was announced by his wife Charlotte on Twitter.


The book is said to be a riveting account of Zambian political and economic developments, outlining his work as Minister for Agriculture, MP for Lusaka Central, the Vice Presidency and his brief stint as President.


The forward has been written by Miles Larmer, a Professor of African History and Fellow at St Anthony’s College, Oxford;


“It is … A political history of Zambia from colonial times to the present. A revealing insider account of politics and government within a modern African state. A story about race in Africa. A chronicle of the rise and fall of two improbable political allies who wanted to change Zambian politics: Michael Sata, whose convoluted political career led him to become president in 2011, and Guy Scott, Sata’s vice president and, after Sata’s death, acting president of Zambia. Not least, it is a pleasure to read. Guy Scott’s absorbing narrative of his career and Michael Sata’s in the chaotic world of African politics tells a uniquely Zambian story. But it is also a special contribution to our understanding of democracy and democratization across Africa,” Prof. Larmer wrote.


Stephen Bush, special correspondent for the New Statesman says the autobiography is a part memoir, part history and is free of the robotic and unreflective tics that often haunt political biographies.


Michael Holman, former Africa editor, Financial Time described the book as “Engrossing, entertaining, and packed with insights, wisdom and a dash of humour. . .. This book deserves to become an African classic.”—

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